SIACAD Pte Ltd was formed by the Singapore Institute of Architects on October 30th 2000.

The mission of the company is to enhance the Productivity and Effectiveness of our members. Since the formation, the company has embarked on Software Development and also distribution, training and support. Within 18 months, the company developed and distributed 3 software solutions: SIACAD, Infobase, and APEX. To date, the company has also developed eBDAS 2D & BIM plugins for Buildability Score. SIAiDOL is the latest plugin for IBM the company has developed.

eBDAS BIM — You Can Count on It!

eBDAS BIM installs as an "Add-In" for Revit 2012-14 / ArchiCAD (IFC). It makes use of your existing BIM Models. There is no need to use specialised libraries or attributes, just define the desired Architectural or Structural Systems for your objects.

One step compute

Since your BIM model is already organised into levels, you can compute the entire "block" in one step.

Intuitive Spreadsheet-like Interface

Left-click on cells to define or undefine values. Save your definitions and merge them back into any changes from your BIM model (only for Revit version).

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APEX — Keeping You On Top!

With APEX, all you need is a browser to access all your modules from one location. There is no need to install any "client software" into your computer. APEX is based on a standard web-interface, it is intuitive. Many users never need to undergo training to be able to use APEX.

Designed to fit

APEX is highly scalable. It is currently used by one-man practices to some of the largest of firms. While most of our users are SIA members, there are now engineers, specialists and other professionals using our service.

Fully-integrated fully-linked database

Every module is linked to related modules and databases. For example, when you plan an event for yourself or a few of your colleagues. The beauty of this fully-linked database is that you achieve more from a single entry and can derive different reports and views from one action.

Accessible anywhere, anytime

APEX started as an off-line intranet solution. That was back when few people could afford broadband internet. Now, with broadband speeds up and at affordable rates, there is no reason not to go on-line. With APEX, all you need is a browser to access your information either from the office, home, site office or overseas.

Continuous innovation, improvement

The web is changing at ever increasing pace. Our software development goal is to keep up with this change and implement the most effective web-technologies into APEX. Back when we made a bold move to release version 3.0 using full on-line model, other similar solutions were still using "desktop clients".

Total solution

When APEX was first developed, our aim was to have an effective way of collecting and tabulating Timesheet entries. As we began to link Events to Projects to Stages and Staff, we realised that we could automatically create timesheet entries and reports. This enables the staff to cut down on the number of steps required to do repeated tasks. We began to work on a total solution.

Support, stability and security

Unlike other firms providing similar services like APEX, we take great pains to ensure that your data and information belong exclusively to your firm. APEX is hosted on Amazon Web Services which guarantees us the most robust, flexible and stable cloud services.

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